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My Club Do you have a club, an association, a small company?

This software allows to create and manage a list of customers, members. Create and manage membership cards, loyalty.
Create and manage quotes, invoices, etc.
With its advanced multi-planning system, managing the schedule of your members and employees becomes easy.

Available totally free, a simple registration on this site allows you to obtain licenses for all your workstations, renewable without limit.

Participate in its development, suggest improvements, report errors. We are at your service and responsive, a support by ticket and our contact form are at your disposal.

Each card has its own barcode, you can use a barcode reader to automatically locate it in the database.
To laminate paper printed cards many solutions exist, you can also print hard plastic cards with an inkjet printer or a special card printer.

Sample database and invoice printing templates, maps are available in downloads.

Strong points

  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
  • Free licence, by simply registering on this site.
  • Management of members list.
  • Management of card members.
  • Management of complete billing, invoice estimates.
  • Multi advanced planning.
  • Advanced customization by model of cards, estimates, invoices, ...
  • Active developement, updated frequently.
  • Skinnable interface.
  • Available language: English, French.


Our latest version

Our old archived version

Name Version Downloads Link
My Club 1.0.11 Build 890 171206  Download 

MD5 : 5CEB2F5D528F6E85014B61EDC2AFA64D
SHA256 : A7728C7034351977890822D6CF6E7AF4199ABA07524998FE7F7C946C11AF375B

My Club 1.0.10 Build 679 159770  Download 

MD5 : 035CF965FA877C754C6DA657E0250A43
SHA256 : F219D05C5E487967FDAEC5A15919C3B783FEBD3DD374084C23881AB3A4E474A0

My Club 1.0.9 Build 639 78986  Download 

MD5 : 4C97F87292F9E201CB0D4CBD4A7F673A
SHA256 : 6063954F5CFEE70ABE644C3CE4D81A3224D9F6CC658C4A887F16D6109D17E69F

My Club 1.0.8 Build 448 81630  Download 

MD5 : D1B3D8D707A42B3858DEB582B3C59357
SHA256 : 16303275ECA5D802E1BCFC3BE4B14C3E54F4A3D28826E258C670ABA7F4649AB5

My Club 1.0.7 Build 403 72686  Download 

MD5 : 3AC89171F18177DCD7BD7A37D2B232A4
SHA256 : 3A410DE6068537BEC3FCC06796041A7ED93DEB380596423E4BED3B9F7A9B1D14

My Club 1.0.6 Build 389 71363  Download 

MD5 : 55A4CC4BECD8D5622E74BB16240D304E
SHA256 : 0EDE11686FD59355D5B59C052B0BB757E457CB643330B10D75CDC3BA04906ABD

My Club 1.0.5 Build 385 69298  Download 

MD5 : 3A69B9B12539909F2B70C849B4EED5C5
SHA256 : 6BE2A3AB9C087C98163910F233BC2C4B59C400692C280AB5033C9EB31984FC96

My Club 1.0.5 Build 382 70616  Download 

MD5 : 55EA2F297E92EA507E94577D55065D83
SHA256 : B755D6B9A771270FB7EC99BEE43A91770AC55A56EBD057073587D7F5B1D0A257

My Club 1.0.4 Build 344 70645  Download 

MD5 : 7E471B5C0833B16B75FE67653B1475C4
SHA256 : C3B8F1A1E5C8BB91E12AFD9D35E12AC0D138660E034DEAFAC87C88B7CDF354ED

My Club 1.0.3 Build 342 71905  Download 

MD5 : D658C37483B515AC341646E51904CD08
SHA256 : 71314DA091FA26980053BCD86FA11F086B382C5A76E6A19D21B6790FE2743302

My Club 1.0.2 Build 289 71111  Download 

MD5 : D55A09A07009446697772F9F3CC443B2
SHA256 : 90E8D95125F3326BC351B85CA3697B8358CFCD8914959C5CBDF6A2B5CE24A86E

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